A Look at the Best-Selling Desktop Publishing Software

There is no denying that the typical commercial desktop publishing software is quite expensive. However, with the outstanding advances made in software development, there has recently been a proliferation of affordable desktop publishing programs that are an excellent alternative to the relatively basic Microsoft Publisher.

Here is a quick review of the 3 best selling desktop publishing software on Amazon at the moment.

3. PagePlus X5

Despite being feature-rich and ‘high-end’, PagePlus X5 is quite affordable and works seamlessly with Windows 7, Windows XP, and Windows Vista. And with it, you can easily make digital documents ( professional printed ) and be able to churn out polished results within seconds.

While you are at it, the software makes it easy for users to create, edit and fully encrypt PDFs from word documents. And if you have a soft spot for graphic design, you can craft some impressive graphics/logos using the software’s Logo Studio suite.

In other words, if you are looking for a decent desktop publisher to help you customize your workspace – and costs a few bucks – then this it.

2. Scribus Desktop Publisher

A product of Luminar Software, Scribus is one of the few desktop publisher software that has a bundle of professional publishing options such as ICC color management, CMYK colors, Versatile PDF creators and a host of drawing tools.

To complement this, the Desktop Publisher also includes over 50 built-in templates backed up with thousands of fonts to make customization even easier.

Therefore, that implies that creating and publishing flyers, newsletters, catalogs, posters etc is just but a few clicks with Scribus. In general, if your work mostly involves editing and customizing articles before publishing them, then Scribus is your best pick.

1. The Adobe Creative Suite 6

Unlike the other two, Adobe Creative Suite 6 runs specifically on Mac OS X and has the undisputed reputation of being among the fastest illustration and image editing software that you can lay your hands on.

This can work two ways for you.

For starters, it is easier to expand your design repertoire with Adobe Creative’s speed and power. For instance, pairing it up with Photoshop makes it incredibly easier to come up with well-designed eBooks and other media-based publications; all within the same working space.

In addition, you can save yourself endless hours by leveraging the hundreds of timesaving features/enhancements found in Adobe Photoshop/inDesign/Illustrator as the two are designed to work hand-in-hand. This way, you can efficiently streamline your production and design tasks without compromising control or quality.

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