Review of the Top 3 Medical Billing Software

With technology striking at every sphere of life, medical billing software have replaced conventional billing methods, making the task more accurate and hassle-free for medical facilities and doctors. Here is a quick review of the three best selling software which will help you understand which one would suit your needs the best.

Advanced CMS 1500 Software 02/12 Version

This simple to use and highly affordable software is ideal for those who are billing at home or small medical facility. The installation of the software can be done with just three clicks of the mouse. Preparing and submitting the claim form is highly uncomplicated with this software, thanks to the CMS-1500 form which is already displayed on the monitor. All the user has to do is to fill the blank fields and he is done!

With the Advanced CMS 1500 Software 02/12 Version installed on your Windows computer, you will not need to write or type those medical claims ever with your own hands again. You will simply fill and print the form or submit it online using this software.

EMR4 Medical Billing Software

Although the EMR4 medical billing software is a bit pricey than the other medical billing software, it certainly does a lot to make itself worth the extra pennies. This software is used for not only billing purposes but also for patient scheduling as well. The software supports printing of the claims on paper, as well as the user can send the claims to the clearing house electronically by submitting the filled up claim form on the software itself.

Users can import electronic EOB files for posting the payments. They can also get patient statements easily with a few clicks and can also obtain statistical reports along with multiple fee schedules and day sheets.

UB04 Medical Billing Software

The UB04 medical billing software is one of the most affordable yet easy-to-use medical billing software. It reduces the billing time per patient drastically and eases the whole claim process manifolds. The installation of the software is highly uncomplicated and gets over in just a few clicks.

The user can fill the familiar UB-04 form right on the system and all he has to do is to fill in the blank spaces and click on print or submit. If the hard copy of the form is to be submitted, the form can be printed from the software, and if it has to be sent to the insurance carrier electronically, the submit button will do the task. The software is installable on any Windows computer, which makes it more acceptable to people.

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